The application process for Social Security Disability is lengthy and can sometimes be agonizing to properly complete. The initial disability application can be submitted to the Social Security Disability Administration in four different ways, over the telephone, on the internet (for SSDI only), or in person at a local Social Security Administration office.

You can apply 4 ways:

  1. Web-based, Online (
  2. Via Phone, call the Social Security Administration.
  3. In person at the local Social Security Office.
  4. At the Disability Help Center! We are here to guide you through the process so you can be successful at getting your benefits the first time.

Applying for Disability with SSI or SSDI

An application for disability requires a specific amount of information about the disability applicant be submitted to ensure disability benefits are supported. A few of the main categories the applicant will be required to answer include questions regarding the application specific disabilities, medical history, work history and detailed activities of daily life.

Sadly, the majority of initial applications are denied due to various reasons. These reasons range from the applicant not meeting the SSA’s requirements to simply making a mistake in the application. If you would like to know whether or not you qualify before applying or would like assistance with your application, please feel free to fill out our do I qualify form and one of our disability advocates or attorneys will contact you as soon as possible.

Advantages of a Disability Advocate or Attorney when applying for disability

As mentioned earlier disability application can be challenging and frustrating. This is true and is proven by the SSA’s statistics showing over 70% of first-time applicants are denied disability benefits during their first application.

Best way to increase your chances of approval is to find assistance through a disability advocate or attorney. Disability advocates are well educated in the field of Social Security Disability and are here to help people with disabilities file claims by gathering all necessary information and documentation and ensuring the applicant receives the most benefits possible. It is possible for a disability advocate to lower the amount of time it takes to receive a decision from the SSA by 4 to 10 months and, he or she can ensure you receive the maximum amount of benefits for your condition.

Legal aid is not a must by any means but can significantly increase an applicants chances of approval at every stage. Several disability advocate organizations such as the Disability Help Center have initial approval rates over 80%. Call (888)418-8860 to speak with one of our advocates or make an appointment for a free consultation.

When should I apply for disability?

If you have a physical or mental impairment that prevents you from working or is expected to keep you from working for at least one year, you should apply for Social Security Disability benefits as soon as possible.

We can do the Disability Application for you! You don’t have to contact SSA. Our attorneys and advocates know what the social security disability administration (SSA) is looking for in an initial application and can help you to submit a strong, clear and compelling initial application to the SSA. You can apply for SSD benefits over the phone by calling our office and your application will be handled entirely by our staff.