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If you are applying for Social Security disability benefits, one of the most important aspects is the hearing which determines whether you qualify. However, setting up and attending a traditional hearing can be difficult and time-consuming. Instead, you may opt for a Video TeleConferencing offered by the Disability Help Center San Diego which has been certified as per the RVP code.

How a Video TeleConferencing Works

Inside the Disability Help Center, San Diego is a special room which has been set up to handle video teleconferences for Social Security disability hearings. This is not a standard teleconference room, but rather one that meets the specific qualifications which include a secure, encrypted connection. The room has a TV, camera, microphone, and speaker so you can interact with the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) who oversees the hearing.

Social Security AdminThe VTC is different from a traditional hearing on disability benefits because the ALJ is not in the same room as you. The video equipment does allow the judge to see and hear you, which means that communication is not only established but important for the judge to determine if you meet the qualifications for disability benefits. This is because the judge can see your reactions, demeanor, and conduct while the hearing is proceeding.

The Disability Help Center San Diego is one of only a few places in the greater San Diego area that offers VTC services. We offer this special service for those who are applying for disability benefits from Social Security and need a place to schedule a VTC for their hearing. Our VTC room is fully qualified with the RVP code for security purposes, so the hearing can be conducted.

Benefits of Video TeleConferencing (VTC)

adult-blur-bossThere are several benefits to attending a VTC in our offices, starting with how our Disability Help Center San Diego helps people just like you with all aspects of applying for disability benefits. From filling out the applications properly, supplying the right documents, offering VTC services, and legal representation, we are the ones in San Diego you can rely upon to help you in this time of need. Other benefits include the following;

Quicker Hearing Date: It is faster for the ALJ to set up a VTC as compared to a traditional hearing. This means that you can get a hearing date set up sooner which speeds the process of qualifying for disability benefits.

Convenient: Our offices in San Diego and close and convenient for many compared to traveling for a traditional hearing. This means for those who live nearby, you can spend less time on the road and enjoy the comforts of our offices before and after your hearing has been completed. For many, we provide a better place to have your VTC compared to driving to a traditional hearing location.

Because the VTC meets all qualifications and is fully equipped, there are no disadvantages to utilizing this service. The ALJ will be able to see, hear, and interact with you during the hearing as if you were in the same room. This means that you should choose a VTC instead of a traditional hearing as your first choice.

Is Representation Needed?

RFC FormYou may wonder if you need legal representation at your disability hearing. While it is not required, it is highly recommended that you have a knowledgeable, experienced attorney by your side who specializes in Social Security disability cases just like yours. The reasons are fairly simple, starting with the fact that many people who do not qualify for disability benefits have had issues during the hearing which affected how the ALJ perceived their case.

All it takes is one misstatement or one misunderstanding to create a negative impression on the ALJ which may sidetrack receiving your disability benefits for weeks, months, or even longer. Having legal representation by your side means knowing what to do and what to say when asked questions by the ALJ about your claim. This means that you can make the best-informed decisions when present at your VTC disability hearing and greater peace of mind with the right legal representation present.

Let Us Help You

Disability Help Center San DiegoAt the Disability Help Center San Diego, we are here to help you with getting your disability benefits from Social Security. We provide a secure VTC that will help you in scheduling your hearing for a sooner date and the added convenience of less driving time to our offices. This means that you may be able to get your disability benefits sooner while having the proper legal representation by your side.

Please contact our offices to find out more about how we can help you with your disability hearing. We also provide full services to help you fill out the proper forms, provide the right documentation, and offer legal assistance so that your rights are protected. At the Disability Help Center San Diego, we are here to help you in every way we can get you the disability benefits from Social Security, including having a certified video teleconferencing room.

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