Checking the Status of Your SSDI/SSI Claim 

The processes of applying for and receiving Social Security Disability Insurance or Social Security Income are lengthy and complex. There are different stages through which any application must proceed, and there are times when an applicant must appeal decisions. As a multi-stage process, with several “review stages,” any application for SSDI or SSI has different people doing different evaluations, and that makes it important to follow your application throughout the entire process. 

Why You Should Check 

Even as early as the submission of any initial application, we suggest you check on its status right away. This is to ensure that your claim hasn’t stalled for some reason and is sitting awaiting further information or details. By checking periodically at all stages of the process, you allow yourself the opportunity to offer the evidence or documentation that will be required to process the claim. 

As a prime example, your claim may need medical documentation, but that may not have been submitted and may require you to get in touch with the doctor’s office to nudge them into action. The SSA is unlikely to make repeated calls looking for the information, but you can. 

You will also want to check to see if the claim is under official review. You will know that your claim has made its way out of the local SSA office and to the official DDS or Disability Determination Service because the individual (claims examiner) assigned to your process will get in touch. 

What You See 

When you check in to your account and look at the status, you will see the condition of the claim. It may be that you are under review. It could be that you have received a denial and have a reconsideration or a hearing pending. Your application status will always show you relevant details, including: 

  • The number for the application  
  • Whether an online appeal is submitted 
  • The date of the application and/or appeal 
  • Any scheduled hearings 
  • The current location of the claim or appeal 
  • What decisions have been made 

How Often Should You Check? 

It is best to check-in on a weekly basis to see what is happening with your claim. Quite often, the determination process is a long and relative drawn-out proceeding, and you will see your claim as pending or at the reconsideration level (if you appealed). You will find that it is much more productive to contact your DDS examiner directly, rather than trying to get in touch with someone at the Federal SSA level. 

A DDS evaluator is likely to be easily reached by phone, and may even be available at a local or nearby Social Security office. They are often glad to discuss the status of a case with the person who is submitting the application (or their representing attorney). They can give you status updates, and you can get suggestions from them about documentation that might be needed. 

An attorney can also make appeals and follow up on the status of their client’s claim. At Disability Help Center, you can count on a skilled team to follow through for you and submit any information that may help you win your appeal or get your support.