The Disability Help Center was first set up as a community resource office that could pair up highly

knowledgeable disability advocates with those who were struggling to apply for disability benefits and

needed help and guidance throughout the process. The disability claimants that were being assisted

grew very attached to the advocates, at the time their cases went to the hearing level they were having

a hard time leaving to work with attorneys in other offices. With the advocates growing just as attached

to the people they were helping the decision was unanimous, it was time to add a legal department to

the Disability Help Center. Now, the much-loved clients didn’t have to leave the advocate who had been

there for them every step throughout the disability process. Adding highly rated attorneys to a newly

developed legal department at The Disability Help Center meant advocates could bring their clients

through the entire process and fight passionately for their benefits. If it went as far as the hearing level,

the advocates knew the client on a personal level and they were armed with all of the detailed

information they would need to win benefits. Then the Disability Help Center was born and ended up

having the highest approval ratings in San Diego County.